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Lightening Protection

Lightening protection may not be something you think about until it’s too late, but Tom's A Plus Tree Trimming Topping and Removal wants to help you plan for lighting before it strikes.

Our arborists have spent years learning about and implementing high-quality tactics on home and business properties across the local area. We will take the time to understand your property, the trees present, and the risks you’re facing before developing a customized protection plan.

To learn more about what lightning protection entails or to schedule an on-site consultation with our experts, please dial (714) 531-5379.

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Understanding the Importance of Lightning Protection

When storms roll in, your property can be put in harm’s way. Lightning can strike your home, the trees in your yard, or any other tall structure on your property. Adequately protecting your space from lightning strikes isn’t something everyone considers, but it should be.

Luckily, there are ways to guard our homes and trees against lightning strikes using equipment and mechanisms that Tom's A Plus Tree Trimming Topping and Removal has at its disposal.

We have all the information you need to make an excellent decision for your property. Call us to learn more!

Lightning Protection Methods: How They Work

Lightning protection systems, also known as strike termination devices and lightning rods, intercept a lightning strike, grounding the electricity before it can cause damage to its surroundings.

These protection systems are often placed at the apex of a structure or along its ridges. Lighting rods can also be placed in nearby trees and used to protect them that way.

Every lightning protection strategy will be unique, and our experts will take the time to understand the shape and size of your property before determining the best way forward.

Protect the Value of Your Property with Lightning Protection for Trees

These days, property buyers are looking to buy spaces that host beautiful trees, and if your trees are struck by lightning, or worse fall on your building, the value of your property could be jeopardized.

Investing in protection saves you the hassle of having to complete repairs and further ensures the overall value of your space when you go to sell.

Friendly and Accommodating Tree Experts

Even if you know next to nothing about trees or lightning protection, when you choose to work with Tom's A Plus Tree Trimming Topping and Removal, you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands. Our experts have the knowledge and equipment to bring you sophisticated and reliable lightning protection, and we look forward to showing you what we have to offer.

Competitive Rates on Lightning Protection

At Tom's A Plus Tree Trimming Topping and Removal, we are passionate about keeping our community members safe from lightning and related issues, which is why we are proud to offer our clients competitive rates.

If you’d like to receive an estimate outlining the cost of your service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will schedule an on-site consultation as soon as possible and get the details worked out, without delay.

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Is the landscape on your property protected when a storm hits? Don’t get stuck with the expenses of property damage caused by lightning. Lightning can cause significant damage to trees, and fallen branches from a lightning strike can cause significant damage to your home or vehicle. Tom's A Plus Tree Trimming Topping and Removal protects your family and property from injury and damage that can easily be prevented.

When Lightning Strikes a Tree

We have all heard horror stories about people getting struck by lightning, yet an arborist can confirm that trees are more frequently the targets during a storm. Since trees contain a high level of moisture and water is a better conductor than air, unprotected trees are quickly and severely damaged or destroyed when lightning strikes. The electricity from lightning swells through the water in the trunk of a tree causing it to become overheated and explode, blasting the bark and often the entire trunk. The results can be devastating.

Some Trees Are More Vulnerable Than Others

Trees in close proximity to your home or business should be assessed for their susceptibility to lightning strikes. Several important factors are considered in order to safely protect a tree from storm damage, including the species of the tree, its height and how close it is to any building or structure. The qualified arborists at Tom's A Plus Tree Trimming Topping and Removal are available to determine the best protection for your property in the Garden Grove area.

Advanced Storm Protection for Trees

Tom's A Plus Tree Trimming Topping and Removal‘s technologically advanced system protects your property and the people on it with the installation of equipment developed to properly disperse the threat when a tree is struck by lightning. Functioning as a far better conductor than any tree, our technicians install specialized metal rods to safely channel lightning into the ground. Our lightning protection systems will never interfere with the healthy growth of your trees and preserve your commercial or residential property in Garden Grove.

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